The Language of the Third Reich

Monday, January 7, 2008

What is pride?  Have you ever wondered?

Why did God decide to share his life—or maybe energy—with pride?

Reading Klemperer: The Language of the Third Reich. An historical observation of his:  that all the tricks of Mussolini were converted without much change to Nazi Germany. The  reverse of my supposal over the years. Theatrical, rhetorical, photographic and other tricks for crowd arousal and propaganda. “The  ‘Fuhrer’ was translated from “Il Duce” into German . . . . They wanted leaders in direct contact with the people, sans representation.  p.46

Have read many books on the beast’s most obvious 20th-century incarnation before reading this one and still there are fresh revelations for me. This one being devoted to language is a mine of richness, understanding. His note on comedy turning people into things reminds me of  Simone Weil’s—her thought on force turning living beings into objects.  He cites one who observed the repetitious use of mockery. This happens now, I think, in TV news/talk—on the opinion side . . . though I get this through osmosis, having no TV.