dear friend,

March 3, 2021

Dear Lynn, 

I thought to try writing a letter since the power is out. Very high wind yesterday with 40,000 Maine household power outages. Very cold weather, temps sank from 1 to 0° on waking, but the power on our road (about 16 houses) withstood until 10 a.m. Trees were knocking down powerlines. Woodlands here are full of trees old and new, rotting and strong. Fortunately — blessedly  — we borrowed for a generator recently, highly useful when outages happen any season, as they do here.

But this a.m. it’s been off overnight. I woke close to four a.m. and started the fire, looked at directions, by battery lantern-light, for perking coffee. Not the usual method. The initial cup turns out fairly weak. After a few swallows R goes out to turn the key, push the button on the new Honda generator. The number three cup, later in the morning, should be better. Yesterday we burned half a tank of gas. Hmmm. Seems we’ll stop a bit today, be more frugal.

We hope you and yours are well! Prayers always.

PS I recall sometimes what you said to me about the qualities of love.

Dictated, redrafted this since doing the hand-written version. We talked about recycling my note to you for blogging if R. can get a picture to go with it. I hope you’re okay with this frugality. In addition, Ron has a blog for his amateur radio group. The address for our joint blog is We aren’t on social media, try to keep busy, the publisher wanted something so we started blogging. I did it before, a few years back.